What makes you happy?

"my family. vintage candy wrappers. striped knee socks. lip gloss. new sketchbooks. dance parties. snuggling on the couch. running in the woods. ranunculus. my craft room playlist on spotify. fairy lights."


i'm tammie bennett.  i'm a married mom of 3 and a self taught artist, illustrator and designer.   

almost all of my designs are drawn by hand and then scanned into the computer for editing.  i love mixing elements of hand creation with digital art.  i like using bright, fun pops of color and my art gives a happy vibe. 

i am inspired by my children's art, runs through the nearby trails, vintage candy wrappers and vintage children's books. 

i have licensed my work for all kinds of products including stationery, fabric, wall art, wallpaper, home decor, shoes, scrapbook and wrapping paper.

i believe in doing a tiny thing every single day to get closer to my big, fatty dreams.  i've drawn in my sketchbook and written in my journal every single day since october 9, 2012 and still going strong.

i graduated from the university of north carolina at chapel hill with a B.A. in journalism with an emphasis on advertising. i have a law degree and passed the california bar exam but i've never practiced law.

i'd love to collaborate with you!

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