What makes you Happy?

"My family. Drawing. Sunshine. Pepperoni pizza. Flowers. Riding my bike. Anthropomorphizing. Dancing. Walking through fallen leaves. Coloring with my daughter. Singing birds."

Howdy! My name is emily and I love to draw. 

I grew up in Northern Wisconsin, and after graduating from UW-Madison with a BFA in 2001, I decided Madison was the perfect spot to start my new life as a young professional. I worked as a designer in the bike industry for 10+ years as I slowly transitioned to becoming a freelance illustrator.

My approach to illustration is organic, focusing mainly on people, animals and the natural world. I try to balance the analog nature of drawing with digital technology so you can always see my 'hand' in the finished work. I love all things vintage, especially mid-century design and thrifted fabric.

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