Wishing You A Happy Happy Fall and a (Not So) Spooky Halloween!

Autumn! The Happy Happy girls are welcoming everything that comes with it, from hot cider and Halloween costumes to EVERYTHING being pumpkin spice flavor. Are you enjoying the cooler temperatures and changing trees? To celebrate the upcoming season, we've got some Fall and Halloween-inspired art to show you!

Emily loves halloween! Her house is bedazzled with creepy crows, spooky skull string art, a flock of bats and skeletal critters. To help her get into the spirit of the season, her Inktober daily drawing challenge also has a Halloween-y twist. Her zombie mob is her favorite drawing so far this year. Follow her on Instagram to see the full collection!

Who doesn't love black cats around Halloween? When not working on art for licensing and illustration clients, Lauren is working away on these mysterious cat hat ladies for Art & Invention Gallery in Nashville. 

Fall is Denise's favorite time of the year! Time to bring out the big wooly sweaters, start up knitting projects, jump in piles of crinkly leaves and carve pumpkins!  

Jill - and the whole Happy Happy gang- wishes everyone a very Happy Halloween with all the treats you can carry!


Time to add to the happy happy forest! Jill has designed some elves to help fill out the scene. They might also work as name card holders at your holiday feast!

Download the file, and print on card stock. Detailed instructions provided on the file.

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Happy Hanukkah! To celebrate, Emily created this colorful foldable dreidel for hours of fun!

To print, click on the image above or click here. Print on card stock for best results. Cut out dreidel, fold along the lines and glue or tape together. Poke hole on top of center and put a sharp pencil through the center for spinning.

To play dreidel:
1) Print and assemble dreidel per instructions above.
2) Gather at least 2 friends.
3) Distribute your gelt (chocolate coins) or tokens evenly among the players. If you don't have          gelt, you can use raisins, matchsticks, pennies, etc.
4) Ante up. Before each spin, players put one token in the middle of the circle to create "the pot".
Every time the pot is emptied, or there's only one token left, every player should put a token in
the pot.
5) Take turns spinning the dreidel. When it's your turn, spin the dreidel once. The letter which comes up determines your next action:

  • Shin ("shtel" or "put in" in Yiddish) - Put one more token in the pot.
  • Nun ("nisht" or "nothing" in Yiddish) - Do nothing.
  • Gimmel ("gantz" or "everything" in Yiddish - Take all tokens from the pot.
  • Hei ("halb" or "half" in Yiddish) - Take half of all tokens lying in the pot. In case of an odd number of tokens, round up.
  • If you run out of tokens, you are either "out" or you may ask another player for a loan.

6) Pass the dreidel on to the next player.
7) Keep playing until someone wins by collecting all the gelt or tokens in the pot!
8) Have fun!

We'd love to see you with your dreidel! Snap a pic, post on Instagram with #HHAC24Days and we'll be sure to check it out!

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Old Maid illustrated by the Happy Happy Art Collective

It's time for a new series over here on the Happy Happy blog! We decided on a fun project this year; with names like Greenthumb Gert, Hayseed Hank, and Bagpipe Barney - we plan to create our own Happy Happy deck from the Old Maid card game. Can't wait to show you what we come up with! 

First up, these Old Maid's here:

 Denise Holmes

Denise Holmes

 Muffin Grayson

Muffin Grayson

Jill Howarth

Emily Balsley

 tammie bennett

tammie bennett

 Lauren Lowen

Lauren Lowen


It's official! Happy Happy Art Collective will be having a booth at SURTEX 2015!

Jill, Tammie and Emily will be representing Happy Happy Art Collective at booth 532, and Lauren will be showing on her own at booth 559. We couldn't be more excited! SURTEX 2015 will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City from May 17 - 19 2015.

Click here to set up an appointment with Jill, Tammie, Lauren or Emily. Hope to see you there!


The ladies at Happy Happy are busy trying to make your Holidays easier with these 24 days of Free Christmas Downloads. We hope you enjoy them! We'd love to see how you use them. Use #HHAC24days on Instagram!

Need to find a way to occupy the kiddies as they wait for the big day? Jill has an answer! Why not engage them in a rousing game of memory and watch the hours (errr at least minutes?) melt away! And remember… this game can be played solitaire style, just saying ;)

Print out two copies of the sheet above on card stock, if possible (for added durability and less see through), then flip over and print out the file below on the back sides.

Cut out all 24 squares along the colored blocks. Flip them all over and put in rows, with the striped side facing up. Make sure the cards are not touching each other (they need to be able to be flipped over without disturbing the other cards). The youngest player goes first, and flips over two cards. If they are a match, the player gets to keep the pair and take another turn. If not, the cards are turned back over and it is the next player's turn. Game continues until all pairs have been found and the winner is the player with the most merry matches! For younger players, use fewer pairs of cards. Have fun making merry memories and have a merry merry Christmas!!  Jill

The files can be downloaded here

24 DAYS OF FREEBIES :: DAY 18 :: decorate your own sweater

The ladies at Happy Happy are trying to make your Holidays easier with these 24 days of Free Christmas Downloads. We hope you enjoy them! We'd love to see how you use them. Use #HHAC24days on Instagram!

Day eighteen teen is here and tammie is sharing her decorate your holiday sweater kit.  

PLEASE NOTE :: you will need to download two documents.  you may want to print the ornaments on sticker paper if you have it

Click here to download sweater.  click here to download ornaments

tammie bennett's decorate your own holiday ugly sweater for happy happy art collective

print the sweater above.  and don't forget to print the ornaments!

tammie bennett's decorate your own holiday sweater ornaments for happy happy art collective