Workspace Update :: Lauren's (Honest) Studio Tour

Surprisingly, over the past year, four of the six Happy Happy Art Collective ladies have moved. Thus, we wanted to give you an update of what our studios look like now. Let's check in with Lauren, who moved to Mt. Juliet (right outside of Nashville) about a year ago.

Ah yes, studio tour! So let's get one thing straight. About an hour ago, I had a spare queen mattress/box spring set shoved in here, tons of sketches on the floor, and my trash can was overflowing. But most of you are probably familiar with that sort of thing, a studio in some state of "organized chaos". My studio doubles as storage and basically the we-don't-know-what-to-do-with-this-so-let's-stick-it-in-here-for-now room (note: "for now" usually turns into "forever"). I'm fine with this because in the past I usually had this much room to work with- a tiny table right by my bed in college or a drafting table squished in my barely 400 sq foot work/live space in Rhode Island. So the occasional spare mattress in a whole room that is my studio space is a piece of cake.

May I also add that my husband would usually be asked to take a picture of me in a cute outfit sitting here, but in reality I'm behind the camera wearing plaid pajama pants, a T-shirt, and my comfy oversized sweater cardigan because I'M KEEPING IT REAL, FOLKS.

I've done studio tours in the past, but this time I wanted to present a more realistic view of what my studio looks like, so I'm preserving some of the natural everyday messiness. I have two tables- a small one for my laptop and then a large $50 folding utility table for my scanner and painting space (seriously, the folding table is one of the best things I can recommend. You can get them at your local home improvement store, and usually they fold and have handles. They are super handy for art sales, garage sales, and family events if you need more seating or a buffet table. Insert thumbs up emoji). 

Also, you will notice the right side has a stack of miscellaneous papers, sketchbooks, and other things on/around it. This is normal.

 A stack of books lifts my computer to promote good posture!

A stack of books lifts my computer to promote good posture!

My Wacom tablet has actually revolutionized the way I paint. When you work digitally and become more comfortable taking risks (because you can undo anything you don't like), it means that you can discover a lot about the way you like to work in a shorter amount of time (at least for me it was). Now I find myself much more relaxed and less timid when I paint, because my digital playground has really allowed me to develop my confidence.

Two usual sights in my studio are small piles of doodles I keep (ideas for later) and little things I just can't part with, like this squishy Capybara character I bought in Japan years ago (I think he literally is named "Capybara San", or "Mr. Capybara". Of course). I can't give him up because he's JUST. TOO. CUTE.

This wonderful kiwi green dresser stores art books, knick knacks, and samples of my work. Here are a few!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my studio! Stay tuned for another Happy Happy Artist to take you behind-the-scenes.