one year later :: tammie bennett

Over the past few weeks, the ladies of Happy Happy Art Collective have been sharing a recap of their adventures over the last year since the group's inception. This has been so fun!

I am so, so happy I wrote that email to these ladies asking them to join in me in forming an art collective!  I've learned so much from them and it is invaluable to have a built-in support system.  I've enjoyed getting to know more about each of these ladies through their triumphs and tribulations.  

I loved meeting Emily, Jill, Lauren and Muffin at SURTEX.  I was sad not to get to meet Denise, but i'm determined to make that happen!

Speaking of SURTEX, i had a booth for the first time and learned SO much.  It was terrifying, thrilling, exhausting and rewarding.  I came away with a great licensing partnership with mpix and i've designed holiday, save the date, and graduation announcement cards for them.  I also made a few great connections which turned into licensing deals which i can't talk about quite yet.  

tammie bennett at SURTEX

I had fun with my #365tinythanks project.  Every single day in 2014 i drew a quick sketch of something tiny i was thankful for and posted it to instagram.  it was a great way to raise my awareness and appreciation for all i have in my life that i'm grateful for.

tammie bennett's #365tinythanks project

I submitted my work to several companies and got quite a few yeses. I can't wait to show you these projects.  the waiting is so hard!  I learned that sometimes all you have to do is ask.

i was chosen to be in the UPPERCASE surface pattern design guide.

tammie bennett's pussywillow pattern

i was happy to be featured on the print & pattern blog and in the new print & pattern geometric book.

tammie bennett in print & pattern geometric book

I received a phone call from a dream client asking me to design a product for them.  It was such a great moment.  I said yes, of course.  Can't wait to show you!

I won 3 awards in minted competitions: one art challenge, one fabric challenge and one journal challenge.  My work is now for sale on minted's site.  (I met some of the minted crew at SURTEX).  I went to a minted event in NYC where we made holiday moodboards and my fabric was one of the chosen fabrics.  That was a great moment!

tammie's floating feathers art print

i had so much fun working on the Happy Happy Art Collective alphabet project, even though i think i got behind on a letter or two.  

tammie bennett's O for octopus

It's been an amazing year and I can't wait to see what we do next!  (SPOILER ALERT :: emily, jill and i will be exhibiting at SURTEX in booth 532, so be sure to stop by!)

Thank you so much Denise, Emily, Jill, Lauren and Muffin for being a part of this happy happy journey!   You guys inspire me every day with your amazing work and friendship.