Happy Hanukkah! To celebrate, Emily created this colorful foldable dreidel for hours of fun!

To print, click on the image above or click here. Print on card stock for best results. Cut out dreidel, fold along the lines and glue or tape together. Poke hole on top of center and put a sharp pencil through the center for spinning.

To play dreidel:
1) Print and assemble dreidel per instructions above.
2) Gather at least 2 friends.
3) Distribute your gelt (chocolate coins) or tokens evenly among the players. If you don't have          gelt, you can use raisins, matchsticks, pennies, etc.
4) Ante up. Before each spin, players put one token in the middle of the circle to create "the pot".
Every time the pot is emptied, or there's only one token left, every player should put a token in
the pot.
5) Take turns spinning the dreidel. When it's your turn, spin the dreidel once. The letter which comes up determines your next action:

  • Shin ("shtel" or "put in" in Yiddish) - Put one more token in the pot.
  • Nun ("nisht" or "nothing" in Yiddish) - Do nothing.
  • Gimmel ("gantz" or "everything" in Yiddish - Take all tokens from the pot.
  • Hei ("halb" or "half" in Yiddish) - Take half of all tokens lying in the pot. In case of an odd number of tokens, round up.
  • If you run out of tokens, you are either "out" or you may ask another player for a loan.

6) Pass the dreidel on to the next player.
7) Keep playing until someone wins by collecting all the gelt or tokens in the pot!
8) Have fun!

We'd love to see you with your dreidel! Snap a pic, post on Instagram with #HHAC24Days and we'll be sure to check it out!

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