For the next few weeks, the ladies of Happy Happy Art Collective will be sharing a recap of their adventures over the last year since the group's inception. This is gonna be fun!

First up, Emily.

Hey y'all! Emily here. Wow. Can you believe it has been a whole year since we started Happy Happy? I guess that's why they say "time flies when you're having fun", right? And what a fun year it has been.

The year started off on a good foot when Tammie asked me if I was interested in forming a collective. Yes, of course! What a great decision that was. Not only have we done some great things together, but we have learned from one another, we've supported each other and I can truly say I've made some amazing friends along the way. Here's one of my favorite Happy Happy projects from last year: 

Jack and Jill book cover

I got to work on some dream projects in 2014, including some illustrations for American Girl Magazine and Storey Publishing. I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to draw for a living!

American Girl Magazine - November/December 2014 issue

I started work on my first-ever illustrated book with one of my good friends and author. It has been a great learning experience, from character development to story boarding to putting together a proposal. Fingers crossed it gets picked up by a publisher!

A spread from my first book

I was featured in Brava Magazine as their Artist of the Month. I'm getting used to seeing my illustrations out in the wild, but my face? That's a new one! :-)

My feature in Brava Magazine

I had my first-ever speaking engagement at the MAKE! Conference. It was one of the scariest things I've ever done, but I survived and I am SO glad I did it. What a rewarding experience!

The postcard I handed out at the MAKE! Conference

Last fall I applied for a teaching position at a local college. I got through two rounds of pretty intense interviews, but unfortunately I didn't get the job. I'm really glad I went for it, though - it was a great experience, and once again, I'm learning that scaring myself once in a while is a good thing!

What's up for 2015? Well, the awesome work continues to roll in. I've been playing around with other media which is always fun. I've been obsessed with making colored pencil floral patterns on colored paper, so who knows what that will turn into. Maybe a collection? We'll see. All I know is that I love my job and as long as I do what I do, it's going to be a fantastic year!

Colored pencil floral pattern exploration