Workspace :: Denise's Studio

Here at Happy Happy, we love to get behind the scenes, see what makes artists tick. To kick things off, we thought it would be fun to explore the happy artists' workspaces. Next up is Denise's studio in her Chicago apartment. Let's see what she has to say!

sorry, it's the only photo with natural light. :/

I live in a pretty standard Chicago three - flat apartment in Ukrainian Village. We got pretty lucky when we found our place; really good location, affordable, wood floors, and a 3rd bedroom for my studio! We live on the 1st floor, so light is not too abundant, but we make do and are quite happy and love our space.  

I love to keep my pens & pencils in cute cups. 

My trusty scanner & calendar. Yes, I still hand write my tasks and appointments. 

My lightbox and very important drawings and manuscripts. 

And sheesh, this is my studio wall filled with books, paint, papers, pictures, sketchbooks, tools, art, a sewing machine and a little spot for my daughter to hang out. 

A few of my favorite books, yarn, paint & a color wheel I made in Sarah's class. 

I have stacks of books everywhere. I'm obsessed.

can you spot my husbands face?

Some Roxy Marj - this little house always makes me smile. 

Sketchbooks, sketchbooks, sketchbooks.

Hey look at that! Guess what, after having my daughter my mom started to make regular visits to help out and we got her this bed so she wouldn't have to sleep on the couch. It also makes for a perfect napping spot, a place to watch movies, or doodle when I don't feel like sitting at my desk. 

The pretty quilt my mother in law gifted us!

I love the little tapestry I found a thrift store years ago and Hazel's giant stuffed cat. (I'm not going to tell you guys that the cat was my stuffed animal growing up that I named...Kitty.)

The very exciting door of tote bags and an apron I don't use as much as I thought I would. 

And last, the best thing I ever won while leaving a comment on a blog. I highly recommend a pretty filing system to keep business cards and clients addresses. It is SO HANDY! 

Thanks for checking out my 'lil studio!     -Denise