Workspace :: Muffin's Studio

Here at Happy Happy, we love to get behind the scenes, see what makes artists tick. To kick things off, we thought it would be fun to explore the happy artists' workspaces. Next up is Muffin's teeny tiny room, that she calls her Studio. Let's see what she has to say!

My studio is our third bedroom in our teeny tiny house (925 square feet). I don't really mind that it's small, because it's ALL MINE! Yes, I make my two kids share a room! I have everything I need in here to create create create! I thought it would be fun to show you some before and after's of my studio and all the fun things I use to create.

Here is the before of my closet! I obviously had too much stuff to fit in that tiny closet right? Right! So I went on an IKEA trip and found everything I needed to help me declutter and organize this tiny space!

And here's the after! Total difference right! The shelves and bins are all from IKEA, even the window curtains and magazine rack are IKEA. I'm so glad that IKEA is just 30 minutes from here! I watched a tutorial on how to fold fabric so that it looks all nice and decided I wanted to do that. It took me about 3 hours I think to fold ALL my fabric, but look how much space I saved! The curtains in the closet are from fabric I found at HomeFabrics, a discount fabric store. I don't think I paid more than $7/yd. Which is a great price for designer home fabric in my book!

Here's where all the magic happens. I actually have a slightly newer iMac now, which I love! But pretty much all the artwork is the same. And if you are a designer at home, I highly recommend investing in a great OFFICE CHAIR! This one is the Herman Miller Aeron Chair and is one of the most comfortable chairs! My back and neck almost immediately stopped hurting after invtesting in this one!

Here's another before shot. I needed bigger drawers to help organize things and hold all my sewing and craft supplies, so I invested in these drawers from IKEA.

I have a sewing machine that my in-laws gave me after graduation from BYU-Idaho, and I found the Serger at a thrift store in Colorado! Woot! My grandma taught me how to sew when I was eight and I'm so glad that I know how now because I love making dresses for my daughter.

The desk top is from IKEA and I had my dad weld me some legs. Yeah, my dad is pretty awesome!

The tiny desk is actually youth size and I plan on giving it to my daughter when she's old enough. You should see me try and sew on this thing, I'm 6'1"! Ha ha!

I use a giant knife magnet from IKEA to hold all my rulers, scissors and cutting tools. And the thread holder is actually just nails in a cork board covered in felt.