Workspace :: Lauren's Sloth and Mermaid Studio

Here at Happy Happy, we love to get behind the scenes, see what makes artists tick. To kick things off, we thought it would be fun to explore the happy artists' workspaces. Next up is Lauren's studio/guest room/creative mess room. Let's see what she has to say!

studio shot2.JPG

Here is the main shot of my studio, which takes up half of our guest room/ we-don't-have-anywhere-to-put-this-oh-heck-let's-throw-it-in-here room. I have a small $20 Ikea desk for my laptop and a large 6 foot long fold out table that I use for my painting desk (you can get one for $50 at your local home improvement store. Totally recommend it! It also doubles as a display table for art shows).

close up desk.JPG

You may notice that I don't have a wiacom tablet out. I actually don't even have a mouse! I do all my digital work with my finger and the built in "track pad" on my laptop, including redrawing sketches as vector with the pen tool. Crazy? Yes. I have just grown so accustomed to this that I really don't mind. I'm sure this will change later in the year, but for now it's second nature.

board close up.JPG

Sometimes my cork board actually holds important things, like paperwork for taxes and business cards, but mostly it displays personal pictures, doodles I want to keep track of, and little odds-and-ends (I've had that The Eurythmics pin since high school.)

This past year I finally bought a "Big Girl" scanner, my trusty 11" x 17" Epson. LOVE IT. I got by for years scanning work at my job or the colleges I taught at, but this year I realized it was time to make the investment, especially since I do a lot of painting and need to scan them properly. Above is a print from Hatch Show Print, an old and historical print shop in Nashville. It has a rich history of making posters for the Grand Ole Opry and several other famous musicians, from Johnny Cash and Elvis to modern day artists like Beck and Mumford & Sons (if you are ever in Nashville, they are downtown and have a shop in front open to the public. Check them out!).

Oh, and THIS ONE. This is Starbuck (named after the sci-fi character, not the coffee). She spends most of her time looking at squirrels cross our backyard fence and telepathically telling me it's time for her walk. 

 "Time for walks, human!"

"Time for walks, human!"


Keith, my fiancé, is a musician and I am also a burlesque performer, so we use this room to store extra equipment and all my costume stuff- it's not uncommon to have sequins and wigs strewn about while I work on art! 

I try to make the space cozy, not only for when we host guests, but also for my enjoyment when I work. I put out items that inspire me or that I just enjoy. The knitted sloth above (with detachable cape!) was knitted by Mary, a dear friend of mine. FUN FACT: she knitted a matching one for my brother (with green cape), and he keeps his hanging off of his kitchen chandelier last time I checked. 

Probably one of the coolest things is just GETTING to my studio. I had all these small paintings left over from past art sales, and one day I came home and found that Keith had framed them all and lined the stairwell up to my studio with them! It's a little Gallery of Minco whenever I head up to start a work session.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Come back soon to see the next Workspace Post. Thanks for reading.