Workspace :: Emily's Studio

Here at Happy Happy, we love to get behind the scenes, see what makes artists tick. To kick things off, we thought it would be fun to explore the happy artists' workspaces - first up, Emily. Let's hear what she has to say about her lovely, sun-filled space!

Hello, and welcome to my studio! I am fortunate to have a whole room in our little 3-bedroom house for all my art making. It is an amazingly bright room, the only room upstairs to have windows on two walls. The morning sun, though so cheery, can get pretty overwhelming if I'm sitting at my drawing table, so I made some curtains out of vintage sheets to filter it a bit. I try to surround myself with as much color and inspiration as possible, and this corner is dedicated to some of my favorite artists. Unfortunately, I'm running out of space, and my pile of art-prints-to-be-framed is growing higher and higher!

I have three workspaces in my studio - a table for drawing, a taller workbench for cutting and working on my sewing projects, and a third computer space. Even though I have a whole room, it needs to be multi-functional, so there is a LOT packed in. In addition to my drawing, painting, sewing and computing, my 6-year old daughter Stella and our pets hang out here, so the drawing table often doubles as Stella's art space and the cat's sunning spot. As you can see, Stella likes to decorate, too! The other challenge is trying to teach her to differentiate between HER art supplies and MY art supplies. Of course, mine are WAY more fun! 

And here we have my computer desk. This little nook sits directly above our garage, and there is absolutely no insulation in the walls (we live in a 90-year old house), so this corner also happens to be the coldest corner of the house. My space heater reads between 50ºF - 53ºF most winter mornings which is miserable! You will usually find me bundled in five layers of clothing + a blanket + a hat and fingerless mittens those days. Tea is a must to keep my insides warm! 

This desk is also where my sewing happens. I just move the computer out of the way and move my sewing machine to the front. The windows are lined with Ball jars full of sewing tools and notions, and you can see my wonderful rainbow wall of new and vintage fabric. I love gazing at this shelf - it makes me so happy!

Thanks for stopping by for our first happy workspace tour. Check back next week for Lauren's!