Lilla Rogers' MATS Bootcamp :: happy happy cuckoos!

Some of the happy happy artists signed up for the inaugural session of Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp. If you are not familiar with the world of MATS, this e-course runs from February to July, with a new 3 week long assignment given out at the beginning of each month. It is a more relaxed and affordable way to get your feet wet before taking one of her more intensive MATS courses, or a great way to expand your portfolio. February's brief was to draw cuckoo clocks! We were given a week just to play around with the subject and then were given the main assignment of applying our work to a phone case. Old world technology meets new! As with all her courses, one of the best parts is seeing how different artists interpret the same theme. Take a look at the variety from just 4 of us! If you would like to view the gallery of over 400 designs (warning... it may take you a while, but there is plenty of eye candy) head on over to the bootcamp gallery - Enjoy!


Jill :: I thought about doing a cuckoo clock cityscape, or a purple martin birdhouse version of a cuckoo clock with tons of little birds in windows, but in the end I settled on filling the narrow space of the phone case format with a variety of cuckoos in the tree that apparent sprouted out of the clock!


Denise :: I wanted to do something woodsy and whimsical for my cuckoo clock case. I originally had a birdhouse clock in a tree, but couldn't get the placement right on the small area I had to work with. My idea quickly changed into a little girl swinging surrounded by woodland illustrations. Anything to squeeze in a little mushroom or two!


Lauren ::  Ha ha, I was actually a little stuck when I found out it was art for a phone case! I had done all these sketches that I wanted to combine into a complex piece, but when I found out how small the final product would be... I knew I had to come up with Plan B (luckily that first round of sketches will turn into something else!). I knew I wanted to feature some sort of character and personally felt like I needed more boys in my portfolio, so I randomly thought up of this and ran with it!


tammie :: i immediately knew i wanted to do a girl with legs swinging down as the clock weights.  i mocked the whole thing up and then realized i didn't have a clock. hmm, a cuckoo clock without a clock?  not going to work, but i instantly knew my perfect solution.  i put the clock in her topknot.  i used one of the palettes lilla gave us, but i tweaked it a bit.  it was still a stretch for me to use some of these colors and i'm really happy i did.