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  Santa Surprise  gift card holder by Emily

Santa Surprise gift card holder by Emily

Emily created a Santa Surprise gift card holder for Day 4!

Click here to download Santa Surprise Gift Card Holder.

•White cardstock
•Xacto Knife (or small scissors for fine cutting)
•Cutting mat
•Double-sided tape

1) Print Santa on white cardstock.
2) Cut out Santa and Insert.
3) Cut Santa hat on pink lines using Xacto knife or small scissors.
   *Xacto Tip: While cutting around the pom-pom, keep your knife down and rotate the cardstock around for a smoother
4) Flip Santa so non-printed side is facing up.
5) Fold sides towards you at dotted pink lines in order: A - B - C - D. Open side D, taking care to not bend the hat.
   *Folding Tip: Try scoring the dotted lines for an easier fold! Using the back side of your Xacto, gently score the dotted
    lines using a straight edge as a guide. DO NOT PUSH TOO HARD! Now you can fold the lines with more precision!
6) Place Insert within holder, white side up.
7) Put your gift card in its holder.
8) Place a piece of double-sided (or rolled) tape on the three pink dots.
9) Fold Side D back down and press onto the tape.
10) Complete the To and From fields.
11) Present your gift to someone special!