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Need to find a way to occupy the kiddies as they wait for the big day? Jill has an answer! Why not engage them in a rousing game of memory and watch the hours (errr at least minutes?) melt away! And remember… this game can be played solitaire style, just saying ;)

Print out two copies of the sheet above on card stock, if possible (for added durability and less see through), then flip over and print out the file below on the back sides.

Cut out all 24 squares along the colored blocks. Flip them all over and put in rows, with the striped side facing up. Make sure the cards are not touching each other (they need to be able to be flipped over without disturbing the other cards). The youngest player goes first, and flips over two cards. If they are a match, the player gets to keep the pair and take another turn. If not, the cards are turned back over and it is the next player's turn. Game continues until all pairs have been found and the winner is the player with the most merry matches! For younger players, use fewer pairs of cards. Have fun making merry memories and have a merry merry Christmas!!  Jill

The files can be downloaded here