Creating illustrations for each letter of the Alphabet was our first project together as a collective. We decided to all use the same color palette to make the letters cohesive and gave ourselves a goal of having a letter done every week (give or take a few days). 

Almost a year later and the Collective has completed each letter in the alphabet. Thank you for following along as we each took turns creating these fun illustrations. You can see the entire collection here

Zooey sat upon her pet Zebra Zerelda while sniffing fresh Zinnias on her way to the Zoo!(Denise) 

tammie bennett's letter Z illustration

the zeppelin delivers zinnias across the zig zag sky (tammie)

More zinnias and zebras from Jill!


A craZy colorful Zebra from Muffin!

Zachary the zebra gets zippy on the zipline! (emily)

letter Z final.jpg

Princess Zelda Zooms down the Zipline! (Lauren)